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Dřevostavba Neo

Neo is a highly energy-efficient two-storey turnkey timber construction in the shape of a rectangle with a shed roof. The advantages of Neo certainly involve logical internal layout and plenty of storage space in less than 100 m2 of floor area. Price from 5 580 000 CZK.

Dřevostavba Neo

The project can be easily adapted not only to clients' wishes

but also to the requirements of the authorities in the individual location. The shed roof may be, for example, replaced with a gable roof with dormer windows on both sides. The entire project from the basic concept of the house to the structure of perimeter walls is adapted so that it can operate economically and with low energy demands. It is possible to choose the system of heating and water heating system so that the construction meets the standards of passive houses or opt for the most economical option in the specific energy efficiency category.


It is possible to build timber construction Neo using construction technologies "two by four” or CLT which allows for better visual display of wood. The client may also decide about the final look of the facade - classic facade or facade with total or partial wood panelling.

Dřevostavba Neo
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Do you like low-energy turnkey timber construction Neo? We offer you a trial rental, or we can design the very same timber house for you.

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