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Passive house Neo was built on a lot in the village Budíkov in Vysočina - the region with a wide variety of leisure activities.

Dřevostavba Budíkov

In the house you have the opportunity to test advanced technology - it has smart wiring and heat recovery system installed. The house uses heat from sunlight and combines it with the energy emitted by people and appliances.

Dřevostavba Budíkov

The house
is fully equipped with everything you might need during your stay.

The ground floor is designed as a common area with living room and fireplace, fully equipped kitchen (stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker), dining room and study. As for the coffee and tea, you are our guests. It goes without saying that there is also free Wi-Fi and parking space for 2-3 cars.


m2 for 4-6 persons

Venkovní sezení
Map of the site

Try the unique seating on the terrace

The house consists of 4 rooms and a kitchenette, the floor area is 98 m2. The top floor is a quiet zone with three bedrooms with two beds each. There is a full bathroom on each floor.

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Do you like Domesi Concept House Budíkov? We offer you a trial rental, or we can design the very same timber construction for you.

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