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Tým Prodesi/Domesi

We chose wood for its sustainability, atmosphere, beauty and scent... It is the material which makes construction work fast, clean, dust-free and less noisy. /

We are an established Czech company composed of architects, designers and other professionals designing and constructing timber constructions for you. We devote the same care and precision to all our projects - whether we construct houses according to individual designs, turnkey timber constructions or public and commercial buildings. We provide our clients with complete service or partial collaboration on their construction projects. We also offer consulting services for investors and builders, and educational activities - we participate in trade fairs and we hold various lectures. We also organize the annual event Salon dřevostaveb. We would love to turn your visions into a real elaborate timber house!


of wood

Stín Háku Na Dřevě

68 finished
houses Freestyle

25 finished
houses Neo

20 years
on the market

135 individual

We believe in the sustainability of resources and ecological values. Our long-term focus is to help create a world in which timber is a social standard of high-quality housing.

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