Dřevostavba S Noční Oblohou

The scent
of wood

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Nature, sustainability and a healthy environment are our core values. That’s why our houses have a unique atmosphere and unmistakable scent of timber.



Dřevostavba Neo

What are Domesi Concept Houses?

We are a team of architects constructing timber constructions for more than 20 years. We have been building the timber constructions Freestyle and Neo for over 10 years. Our clients often dream about timber constructions, however, they cannot really imagine living in one. That's why we constructed two sample Domesi Concept Houses - one in Vysočina and one in the Jizera mountains - where you can explore our timber constructions and experience them first-hand.

Timber constructions Freestyle and Neo combine the love for wood, advanced technology, precise design and clean visual style.


established Czech company composed of architects, designers and other professionals designing and constructing timber buildings for nearly 20 years.

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